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How to submit a manuscript
New Manuscripts should be submitted online at the following URL:

Online Submission Instruction
Users must register when accessing the online submission system of ACN for the first time, by clicking on “Registration”. You will be asked to complete the form in order to obtain your personal account.

Your email address will be used as your ID, since this represents a unique and easy-to-remember identifier that will be needed each time you log onto the system (as a reviewer or author). The password will be encrypted for security reasons, and will not be known to others. A verification email will be sent to you at the address you used to register.

Once you have verified your email address, you will be asked to provide a basic profile consisting of your contact information.

Uploading a Manuscript
Once logged in to ACN online submission system, click on the “Author Center” and then “New Submissions”. You will be presented with a series of fields for entering information about your manuscript and uploading the author information page, manuscript, figure, and supplementary materials.
The system will automatically convert your files into PDF files. After individual PDF file conversion is complete, you will be asked to click on “Merge PDF” in order to merge the files into single one, which will take several minutes to be finished. Then, you will be asked to preview your title of the manuscript, authors’ information, abstract, and converted PDF files. After you preview and confirm the converted PDF file, click on “Submit”. This will complete your submission, and an email with a temporary number will be emailed to you.
If you choose not to complete the submission during a particular step, your manuscript will appear in the “Incomplete Manuscripts” queue in “My Manuscripts”, and you can continue your submission by clicking on “Continue Submission”. Do not submit the same paper more than once.
After completing the submission, your manuscript number will be sent to the email address specified within a few days, and this should be quoted in all subsequent communications. This email notification is sent when the editorial board has confirmed that the submitted manuscript is consistent with the journal style. Manuscripts that do not conform to the style of the ACN might be returned without further review, requiring you to correct the style of the manuscript before resubmitting it.

Please note:
For a blind review, do not include author information on the manuscript file. Instead, provide the author information page as a separate file when uploading the manuscript. In author information page, you have to describe the title of the article, full names and affiliations of all authors, corresponding author’s contact information, running title, and acknowledgement. In manuscript file, include the article title on the first page. The abstract should appear on page 2 of the manuscript file.

Supplementary Materials
Supplementary Materials are contents that the authors wish to make available online if the paper is accepted for publication.

Manuscript Status
Authors who submit online using the ACN online submission system can keep track of the progress of their manuscript through the peer-review process by visiting the ACN online submission system and clicking queues in “My Manuscripts”

Submitting a Revision
To submit a revised manuscript via the ACN online submission system, click on “Submit a revised manuscript”. You will be presented with information on the original version of your manuscript, which should be edited as necessary. You will then be required to upload the files related to the revised version (see “Uploading a Manuscript” for further details). Do not submit revisions with the edits displayed (e.g., the Track Changes tool in Microsoft Word should be turned off when making edits). Please include your responses to the reviewer comments and a cover letter to the Editor-in-Chief.
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